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actually lays out a concrete roadmap for what these dates should look like. Not that anything can really stop them from panicking about this, but still.” Wait, I think. Interestingly, when I chat to Vohra on the phone, she answers my question before I’ve even asked it.In a set of rules that define what a date is and is not (for example, it can be going for a coffee but not “hanging out” at someone’s house) and clearly states that “sex is off the table”, I begin to wonder if the project is perhaps limiting more than it is opening up. “In a way, a date is about something unforeseen happening,” she tells me.We don’t necessarily want shiny credit cards, but we may we want conversations or a swing-dancing both its record-keeping and its goal,can be read as a radical departure from what we, as women, are ‘expected’ to do with our romantic lives. Surely not to “I think I’m past the stage where I believe I am entitled to a relationship.

This piece was originally published under the title ‘Why has one Delhi woman announced that she will date 50 men this year?

called ‘How to Find Indian Love’ – what her thoughts on the matter are.

“It’s always been mysterious to me how before there was online dating, people defined what was a date and what was not a date,” she says. Now [with online dating], there seems to be a methodology in place.” From what began over 10 years ago as people meeting up in chat rooms (remember giving out your A/S/L?

“Before, you just hung out with people, you couldn’t really tell, and a range of confusions would be carried out. ) to Orkut and Facebook to the development of OKCupid, Tinder and other dating portals, the idea of “going on a date” has entered our imaginations in a way that we hadn’t seen in India before., a London-based website of a South Asian girl’s dates.

In fact, a few well-worded Google searches will show that there are countless people using the Internet to document the trials and tribulations of figuring out their own, particular dating scene. “Generally speaking…no sex on the first date is an excellent rule, because it keeps guys from panicking about what you’re going to make of it.

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When I first moved to Bombay four years ago, I quickly realized that the most frequent chat-up line boys would use on me was a credit card. Now, there’s a part of me that accepts that these men may have felt that I was more likely to have sex with them if I was blind drunk. However, as it happened in more and more circumstances, I began to get the sense that – this “Here’s my shiny credit card” situation – was being used as an excuse for not having a conversation. And not saying anything of substance themselves, because “the move” had already been made: I had a drink in my hand.

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