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That’s known as an “off-site meeting.” Then the economy went to hell, the company’s stock crashed, and since I was bored anyway, I thought, Great, why not get the same job in Japan? So I sent off a few resumes, and Boom, immediately landed a slew of videoconference interviews. Work in Roppongi, live in a nice apartment, make a lot of money. You know, listen to the waves while showing college girls in bikinis how to wax boards. So that avenue didn’t really seem like it was panning out. I did of course consider some of the other available options.

If you’re from some place like Britain, you may be able to get a Working Holiday visa in Japan. Even nationality isn’t that important, although the more Asian you appear, the better your English will need to be. Nobody wants to 747 your ass all the way to Japan, get you set up with an apartment, a train pass, and a group of students, only to have you decide three months later that Japan isn’t the heaven you dreamed it’d be. They also want people who are “flexible.” You’ll hear this in Japanese interviews all the time.I briefly considered enrolling in a language school full-time, particularly one near the beach so I could work in a surf shop, which would have been sweet. This is a very simple process involving only two steps: 1. Be from a country other than Japan Speaking English, surprisingly enough, isn’t actually a requirement, which is blatantly apparent when you see some of the English teachers here. Some other acronym nobody’s every heard of, anything. But being able to say that you’ve visited Japan goes a long way in convincing people that they should hire you to move here. That’s “Experienced in early childhood education methods and principles.” God gave you an imagination for a reason. Employers want someone who’s going to show up for work early, every day, do the job according to procedure, stamp the proper forms, and not mix the plastic bottles in with the aluminum cans.But when I looked at the cost of language school, it was like paying money to come to Japan, rather than making money. So while those two things are actually enough, let me give you five more you might want to think about: 3. Get something on your resume that every other foreigner doesn’t already have. Take a real class, an almost-real online class, or make something up yourself. Just saying “I watch a lot of anime” probably isn’t going to cut it. Then late on Friday afternoon, when you’re planning to fly to Korea for the weekend, your boss will say, “We need you to work this Sunday.” See, that’s where the flexibility comes in. Washing dishes Actually, I had seven in mind, but it was late at night when I started this and then I fell asleep on the floor with a glass of white wine and some Calbee’s potato chips, so I ended up typing something like 6. But I also kept hearing something that sounded ominous. At one point, the interviewer said, “Are you familiar with the phrase, ‘work-life balance’? Here, the need is often for someone who speaks English, and enough Japanese to get by. Tech jobs for foreigners are often in international companies, where they need someone who can communicate with their counterparts in English, possibly provide tech support in English, and also speak enough Japanese to get along in the office environment. I’m a big fan of money, as it allows me to do things like buy cars, stylish clothes, and eat. Then from somewhere on the other side of the Pacific ocean, three serious-looking Japanese people in suits appeared on the TV and asked me questions. I mean, who wants to wear a suit and sit at a desk all day? If you’re a programmer for a language in demand, or you have some other specific technical skill, there’s a reasonable chance you can land a job in Japan.

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