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Experienced in complex and intergenerational trauma and has studied and experienced Earth based spiritual practice.Specialties ADHD, Adolescents, Anger, Anxiety, Autism Spectrum, Child Therapy, Famiy Therapy, Parenting, PTSD, Relationships, Stress, Trauma Biography Jeanine is dedicated to help clients resolve and release the layers of conscious and unconscious unresolved trauma that keep them stuck in unhealthy patterns of thought, feeling, emotion, and behavior.Trauma can also be passed down from your parents and grandparents.

Licensed as an LMFT in 1997, I practiced EMDR almost exclusively until I learned CRM.

My earlier specialties were trauma and Reactive Attachment Disorder and the families struggling with their traumatized children.

I continue to focus on attachment in couples and families, as well as within the individual as relationship to self.

I teach boundaries, communication skills, and work with relationship issues.

Each person’s session is designed to fit their specific needs.

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We will learn how to use the neuroplasticity of the brain to deal more effectively with fear.

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