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They also counted pictures of mothers with children under two at the time of publication, and mentions of pregnancy-related health risks.

Having children featured as a topic on one in three magazine covers, with 1,894 mentions related to fertility, pregnancy, or motherhood.

The 38-year-old, who has a double first from Cambridge and a Ph D in cancer research, spent her 20s 'having fun' and pursuing an acting career.

But a study to be presented today at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine's conference revealed the technique was no more effective than standard treatment – looking at embryos under a microscope and deciding which looks best.A screening technique used in IVF that costs up to £4,000 is ineffective, a study has found.Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) was developed in 2013 to weed out embryos with genetic defects.with rare or no mention of ART, donor [eggs or sperm], or related health risks.'They added: 'This depiction perpetuates the general notion that fertility is flexible, and is highly damaging to young women.'Professor Tim Child, of Oxford Fertility Unit, said: 'The problem is all these Hollywood magazines with these women in their 40s who are having twins.It's completely unrealistic.'Calling for greater transparency, ASRM president Dr Richard Paulson said a 'reluctance to show the challenges that often go with trying to conceive at older ages is a form of misinformation'.

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I don't want to be in that position.' They studied publications 'popular with women of reproductive age' – US Weekly, Cosmopolitan and People Magazine – between January 2010 and January 2014.

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