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I wore it to bed last night and he said "You smell f'n amazing! It’s nice and I like it, that’s all I need to know. I think Black Orchid is great and I’m going to wear it. Sillage - You know when a truck drives past you and it almost sucks you into the road? Peace out - Zoop I don't know what I can say that others haven't." A scent that I was excited for after all of the hype. If people don’t like it, they can get off the bus at the next stop. This was on my perfume tray this past month, so I've worn it for the first time in almost a year a handful of times this month.It's so unusual and so uniquely sexy and well-balanced with the sweetness of the floral and chocolate notes. From this beautiful perfume I get a warm, sumptuous sweetness with a lot of patchouli.As the icing on the cake, my husband loves it when I wear it. I’m not going to try to get over-complicated or pretentious about the notes because I want to keep my appreciation of this one simple. JPG Fleur Du Male and Utra Male are men’s fragrances right?I think Tom Ford really hit it on the nail with this one. I'm honestly in lust , love will come after the climax .He went much further than Dior Addict or Poison and created an absolutely dark scent. The first notes I get are a bit confusing Sandalwood and a flash of Orchid , then it shifts to a fruity and woodsy with an insane blend of tobacco and chocolate that sends me The dry down comes back for some more teasing , and I totally get the Patchouli and Orchid .

Black Orchid was created by perfume creators of fragrance company Givaudan in 2006. The top notes are French jasmine, black truffle, ylang-ylang, black currant and effervescent citrus.

Don't spray a lot and spray away from your neck/chest for best results. Velvet Orchid Lumiere is pretty great too, but extremely different to me outside of the orchid note. I bought it last week, it's been on my wishlist since the first time I saw their adv. Well, honestly, I don't like the top notes on my skin (about 0-10 minutes after I sprayed it). Remind me of burnt incense or analgetic balsam with hint of white floral. Dark chocolate, sandalwood,patchoulli, with lovely hint of darkberries and orchid. This is one of my "two sprays and good to go" perfumes.

Definitely worth the money since it is likely you will not run out for a very long time unless you wear it every single day. Velvet Orchid reminds me of the inside of a florists fridge (I worked in a floral shop in high school), while Black Orchid is a forest interlude laced with orchids. Tom Ford Black Orchid last all day long on my skin (more than 7 hours).

I did bend the rules a little and sprayed half of a spritz under my dress a couple of days ago and it felt as if a cloud of it was suspended around me (in a good way). It's not a loud scratchy perfume, but is a beast in the night. The contrast between their rising motion and its settling sweet will seem uncanny and make them appear theatrical and artificial.

It was not heavy or cloying in this small dose, but I can see it being an easy perfume to overdose on. The end result is almost like a witch's brew of dark chocolate, mushrooms, dirt, flowers, and smoke. This is definitely a scent that can be hated at first, but give it a chance. Will forever repurchase (if I run out ever, and hopefully if they don't discontinue it). Despite being marked for women, this is my default, casual evening scent.

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