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good looking and smart minus the whole designing a dumb app part!

) claims this is a less awkward way of saying who you are than having to write a blurb on rival internet dating setups.

As a whole, the couples I know in DC seem to be much happier with their lot in life than the singles I hear from.

For starters, your profile is essentially a “mood board” which can be decked out with photos or text blocks that are supposed to give other users a feel for your level of vibe-iness.

(Or lack thereof.) The app’s creator (who I don’t mean to objectify in any way but wow v.

Judah (a Montgomery County native) has been seen on “30 Rock,” in “Wet Hot American Summer,” and in a bunch of other stuff.

He was a strong contender for president in 2016, and now he returns to DC in 2017 to make your December championship-caliber.

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