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Eventually, we want to see the hoped-for connection actually happen and come to fruition.

This maturation of the relationship is where Mindfulness comes forward again and operates normally.

You probably are landing here if you are INTP and have found those basic discussions not entirely helpful or insightful. And it even lets you be a human crane when someone can't reach the teapot on the high cabinet. Clueless Mindfulness barged in and sat right on the birthday cake. They want approval, praise, or their own flavor of understanding. And they want it at the expense of truth, if necessary. All of these observations go into a construct that allows you to be fully prepared for when the truck shows up. And once you have a piece of information, you generally don't forget it. On the other hand, your scatter-brained neighbor can't seem to get his act together to score the ice cream.

The general view of INTPs in relationships goes something like this. Since they aren't in touch with their partners' emotions, they don't give enough emotional reassurance, leaving their partners feeling unloved. (And some of bad ones probably come with a benefit.) For example, extreme height comes in very handy if you want to be a professional basketball player. Being uber-tall, however, also means that you'll have to duck through every doorway you pass your entire life. The same trait that allows you to excel in one context becomes a handicap in another. Mindfulness is a focused mental state in which we are primed and prepared for input and analysis. The string that really didn't let the dart fly very well. If we are experienced with this sort of "mistake," we might even try hard not to speak our mind when we want to deconstruct. That fuel doesn’t resonate with us, but it's very important to them. It has a sibling that multiplies the destruction when the two get together. As an INTP, you probably take note of when the truck tends to come. You note how much you need to have in hand to get what you want. No matter how much emotion he pours into wanting it, he forgets to take care of some part of the equation and royally screws it up. Most people classify emotions as transient reactions.

) I've read a fair number of online resources that try to guide the various Myers-Briggs personality types on matters of relationships and romance. We are energized when someone cares enough to gain knowledge with us.

Especially regarding the particular pitfalls and difficulties with them. Most everyone else, however, wants something very different. Everything about your brain and personality is driven to deconstruct, analyze, and store information in order to maximize your success.

Having to stop and devote enough brain power to fully answer his questions just becomes too much. Especially if he has a habit of asking tortured questions (cue Persistent Reaction). It's her defensive reaction to protect her energy and mental integrity. Her belief that he is intentionally violating her has just been confirmed. We can start these spirals, because today is not just today.

To be attacked is one thing, but to be attacked with no valid basis adds deep insult to injury. After that, there is a strong likelihood that it will happen three times, six times, twelve times. We are also fighting every fight we can predict ever having in the future. Everything is on the table, and the stakes are high. So what happens precisely in relationships in the face of Persistent Reactions?A solid relationship will be an exchanges of fuels. Only one theory says the ideal partner for an INTP is an ENFJ.If you need a product or service, why not go to another INTP?? Sometimes the feelings of the other person need to supersede.You know will get a person who understands your approach to the world! We get emotional thrills out of logical truth, even when it comes from someone disagreeing with us.

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Most personal accounts suggest INTP males are most attracted to INFJs and ENTPs, and INTP females to ENTJs.

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