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when attacked giving the Māori time to assemble an attack force.Archaeological evidence has not shown any large settlements so it is likely that the iwi normally lived in whanau based groups scattered along the coast but mainly in the eastern bay at Ligar Beach, Tata Beach and Wainui Bay where there are 20 known archaeological sites in a 10 km zone.Barber postulated that the iwi may have been insecure in their control of the bay and its resources because of their own relatively recent arrival.Little is known of the history of Ngati Tumatakokiri people as they were extinguished by a Māori invasion during the Musket Wars about 1823.The road to Totaranui, a popular isolated tourist destination in Tasman Bay, was badly damaged and was reopened on 29 June 2012.In August 2014, the name of the bay was officially altered to Golden Bay / Mohua.

The bay was once a resting area for migrating whales and dolphins such as southern right whales The west and northern regions of the bay are largely unpopulated.

The iwi who occupied this area in 1642 were the Ngati Tumatakokiri from the North Island.

Dutch explorer Abel Tasman anchored in this bay in 1642.

Basal part of the spit approaches to the North West Nelson National Park.

It is known for being a popular tourist destination, because of its good weather and relaxed, friendly lifestyle.

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