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Ubiquitous hills have limited transportation choices; astounding coal resources, part of the regional geology, promised to support an extraction industry.These natural conditions made company towns a logical response to resource extraction.Natural Environment In The Eastern Kentucky Cultural Landscape Topography Soils Geology Company Town History: Introduction Early Company Towns: Europe Early Company Towns: America Company Towns in America Between World Wars Company Towns Morphology Development Of Coal Mining In Eastern Kentucky Early Coal Mining: 1790-1860 Transition To Modern Coal Mining: 1865-1900 Golden Age Of Coal Mining: 1900-1941Characteristics Of Coal Company Towns In Eastern Kentucky The natural environment influences any area's development, and this is especially true for eastern Kentucky.Since the mid-eighteenth century, when non-Indian explorers first encountered the region, natural conditions have supported a number of activities and discouraged others.The soils of eastern Kentucky have been characterized as thin and mineral-poor (citation ).

This potential, though, seems to have been little realized.Coal towns came to a region of Kentucky that was populated by family farms.Many eastern Kentuckians who left farms for work in coal towns brought a tradition of small-scale agriculture which could be practiced in some form in this new setting.Stone served the needs of many builders for foundations, chimneys, and for landscaping even though it saw limited use in wall construction.Because of its many potential uses both inside and outside of dwelling construction, stone production is discussed at length here.

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Surveyors who study individual sites and towns should attempt to determine whether personal gardens existed on the study site and whether such gardens reflect traditional or imported attitudes toward farming and space utilization.

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