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The culprit is often bacterial vaginosis, the most common vaginal infection you’ve probably never heard of. The sad truth is that these sprays, soaps, and wipes will not fix the problem. But while women try to mask embarrassing smells, a more sinister truth also remains under cover: The bacteria responsible are putting millions of women, and their unborn babies, at risk from serious health problems.All of which is making researchers look anew at the most private part of a woman’s body, to understand what it means to have a healthy—some prefer “optimal”—vagina and why that is so important for wider health.“I was getting it once or twice a month, which was too much for me as a PE teacher and coach,” she says.“When it’s going to come up on you and the smell is ridiculous, you just had to make sure you were always prepared with cleansing wipes, spray, and sanitary napkins,” she says.If it happened and you weren’t prepared, it would be “a horrible day.”And if the embarrassment and discomfort weren’t enough, BV has a far more menacing side.The aisle is marked with a little red sign that says “Feminine Treatments.” Squeezed between the urinary incontinence pads and treatments for yeast infections, there is a wall of bottles and packages in every pastel shade imaginable.Feminine deodorant sprays, freshening wipes, washes for your “intimate area.”Vaginal odor might be the last taboo for the modern woman.She thought she had a yeast infection and took over-the-counter medications, but when it didn’t clear up she headed back to her gynecologist’s office.

As warm, moist canals exposed to all sorts of things including penises, babies, and dirt, most mammalian vaginas harbor a diverse mix of bacteria.

I’ve actually driven to the Super Target two towns away from where I live so as to not run into anyone I know while scrutinizing the various products that exist for cleansing, deodorizing, and re-balancing the p H of your vagina (I still bumped into another PTA mom in a neighboring aisle).

The companies behind these products know that many women are looking for ways to counter embarrassing and debilitating symptoms such as vaginal odor and discharge. women of reproductive age have it at any given time.

However, for many women, one or another species of may have expanded their territory to colonize the vagina—traveling the short distance from the anus to the vaginal opening.

There, they found their perfect environment, a low-oxygen chamber that, during a woman’s reproductive years, has an abundant supply of the sugars feed upon.

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