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Speaking to Canada's Chart Attack, Grohl said, "That's really funny because I live with my girlfriend in Los Angeles. I get up and she says, 'Guess why people are calling you all morning?

[The FOO FIGHTERS] were recording in a studio called Conway and we got in there one day and someone said, 'Oh, wait. The local radio station's saying you're dating Christina Aguilera.' [And] I'm like 'WHAAAT?!

Odds: 2,000 to 1 THE GUY IN THE CORRS Their kids would — of course — be stunning.

Still, being ”the plain one” at family gatherings would suck.

Blake Sennett/Soper (39)Period: 2007-08Backstory: Winona dated Rilo Kiley's Blake for ten months before breaking up. Quote: N/ATrivia: Sennett was a fellow child actor, playing "Joey the Rat" on Boy Meets World and "Pinsky" on Salute Your Shorts. )Period: 2011-present Backstory: Winona seems to have finally settled down with fashion designer and co-creator of Loomstate, Hahn.

She seems happy but unwilling to discuss her boyfriend. It's not something I'm hiding but I learned early on not to talk about that. He's very special."Trivia: Dude's apparently rich and very private. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Google Images ONTD, do you consider Winona life goals?

Pete Yorn (41)Period: 2001Backstory: The pair dated briefly until Winona was arrested for shoplifting in 2001.

Quote: "Our relationship is different than any one I've ever had. David Duchovny (55)Period: 1996Backstory: There's nothing to it, it was a fling, although they insist they were just friends. Quote: On the Howard Stern show, Grohl called Winona "a classy lady."Trivia: Their relationship is referenced in the Veruca Salt song Disconnected: "It's kind of scary when your lover leaves you for a movie star."Matt Damon (45)Period: 1997-2000Backstory: The pair were introduced by Ryder's now-former friend Gwyneth Paltrow, who at the time was Damon's BFF's Ben Affleck's girlfriend. They dated for three years and the breakup was, in Matt's words, "far more pedestrian than, say, a mad orgy at the Four Seasons during which my feelings were hurt because Richard Gere was too interested in her." So no drama, it just ended. I'm really lucky that I'm on good terms with him."Trivia: Since their relationship was hounded by rumors of cheating on both sides, Matt was quick to deny reports he was dating co-star Penelope Cruz soon after he and Winona broke up.

(No, Ethan Hawke isn't one of them)Finally, a woman! Quote: N/ATrivia: Another Matt Damon ex, Minnie Driver, also dated Yorn.(Are these pics even Pete Yorn? )Conor Oberst (35)Period: 2003Backstory: The two had a fling in 2003.Famous women who have dated Dave Grohl, listed by most recent with photos when available. These women come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they're all women that Dave Grohl has either dated or canoodled with. This list features Dave Grohl's ex-girlfriends along with additional information about them, such as when they were born and what their profession is.And she could steal him away the way Angelina Jolie stole .Odds: 50 to 1 THOM YORKE She’s already had rock’s foremost ”Loser.” Can its preeminent ”Creep” be next?

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