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And I loved the idea of this world happening in Seattle.So to see Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament – tight friends working together at a coffee shop during the day, playing music and going to shows at night – just felt like such a committed, naturally generous lifestyle.When he says about his band "we're big in Belgium," it was an ironic joke at the time.

Chris Cornell was working at Ray's Boat House, wearing an apron and working in the kitchen – and doing Soundgarden. It was more like "Oh, the drummer lives with his girlfriend and he's lived there for three years and she works all day in a legal firm so he can play drums all night." These guys [in Seattle] would just work all day to finance their lifestyle. Eddie we were able to pay to give Matt Dillon guitar lessons.

There are some plaques around the hotel – "Marilyn Monroe sat here in the sand" – stuff like that.

Right after us, Nora Ephron came in with Sleepless in Seattle and within 18 months, there were plaques in town that said, "Sleepless in Seattle was filmed here!

(Even the made-up band that Matt Dillon leads, Citizen Dick, features three actual local musicians – who'd soon comprise three-fifths of Pearl Jam.) When Crowe sends Steve (Campbell Scott) and Linda (Kyra Sedgwick) to see Soundgarden or Alice in Chains, he was also creating a time capsule of a creatively fertile moment in the Pacific Northwest's crown jewel, set in the millisecond just before Nirvana's Nevermind broke big.

Crowe spoke to Rolling Stone about the making of Singles on the movie's 25th anniversary, how he cast the actors and musicians and why his love letter to Seattle still holds a special place in his heart.

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Crowe, however, wanted his audience to grow up with him, so for his follow-up movie, he turned his attention to twentysomethings.

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