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The purpose of the date should be to get to know the other person, not their baggage.You would probably feel threatened if your date mentioned how green hisex’s eyes were so don’t make this mistake. You don’t want your date to think he’ll have to watch out for slashed car tires if your relationship goes sour.

Names that should be animals must stay as animals.” Until you two are tight, save terms of endearment for your best friends and your puppy. But too often I have had my guy friends at UNC-Chapel Hill tell me that their date briefly mentioned an ex on a first date or second date.Putting yourself out there online nowadays means that his friends, your friends and even his grandma might see it before he’s had the chance to even figure out if he wants to go on a second date.Elizabeth Lilly, a UNC-Chapel Hill 2010 graduate, says she had a Facebook friend whose lovey-dovey updates were filling up her News Feed.You don’t want a boy thinking that you are too desperate and can’t make plans of your own.Instead put the Black Berry down and enjoy a night out with your girls.

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“She kept updating her status with over-the-top statements like ‘I found true love’ and ‘I love him.’ It was probably scaring her new boyfriend to death, let alone all his friends,” Lilly says.

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