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In the latest episode, Kyle dives into the scam that slips some very expensive beers into your bill, and how to handle it.

Mentioned in the show: Polish Women Krakow, Poland Subscribe Via: i Tunes RSS Email Google Play Stitcher...

After covering the basics of the country on the first episode, they get into a tremendous amount of depth about the girls. In the first part of a 2-part episode, I welcome a reader and listener to the show to discuss. David has spent significant type in Slovakia, and talks about why it's been a great spot for him, and why it's relatively untouched in the scheme of things. I welcome local Swede, Hank Draper, to the show to discuss another Scandinavian country - Sweden. In episode #021 of the show, Kyle tackles the difficult questions about how to actually make friends and build a social circle if you are permanently expating out of the US.

He has his own podcast, too, that I'll be appearing on shortly. If you like blonde girls and brown refugees, Sweden is for you! Pro Niche Site is open and available until November 1st. In the latest episode of The Dating Abroad Podcast, Kyle talks about the "Golden Triangle" of Europe.

New episodes go live every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am EST.

Note: This episode originally appeared as Troublesome Radio, Episode 41 with special guest My Latin This is one of my favorite episodes of that show, and it's well worth the listen here on the Dating Abroad...

Thanks for tuning in to the Dating Abroad Podcast - make sure to subscribe and leave a review.If you don't know, that's the trip that really kicked off the digital nomad/entrepreneur goals. In episode 31 of the show, Kyle discusses issues when it comes to living abroad in regards to finances and phone calls. It all gets tied back to dating abroad ;) King's Code is on sale this week, get your copy here. In episode 030 of The Dating Abroad Podcast, I welcome Michael Knight of True to the show to discuss a very off the grid area. In this podcast, you’ll learn about: Michael’s experience with dating in Albania...In episode 029 of the show, Kyle welcomes TDDaygame to the show again, this time to discuss the nuances of Polish girls themselves. In episode 028 of the show, Kyle discusses Poland with a local pole himself - resident Warsaw daygamer TDDaygame.In episode 015 of the show, Kyle talks about his recent trip to Sofia, Bulgaria... Mentioned in the show: Bulgarian Girls The Balkans: Croatia Serbia Subscribe Via: i Tunes RSS Email ...In episode #014 of the show, Kyle welcomes his friend Vinny to the show to talk about Peruvian women.

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