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With continued development since 1996, the site now features the fully operational gristmill, traditional barn with family farm exhibit, a visitors building with gift shop, two historic Pickens County log cabins dating from 17, a blacksmith shop, cotton gin building, moonshine still, and a large outdoor stage for the musical events. Recently installed over Hagood Creek was the 64 ft. Daniel Island resident Patty Evanko was looking for a special Christmas gift for her 20-year-old son, who is “one of those kids who is not materialistic and doesn’t have a list of things he always wants.” With “Cyber Monday” hitting a record .6 billion in sales last week and nearly one-third of that going to, many might see that news as one more sign that globalization is trumping local economies. My oldest houseplant is a 40-year-old Norfolk Island pine that I bought right before going to college, where it survived a roommate planting marijuana seeds in its pot.I was furious with him, more so because he might have damaged my plant tha…We personalize them with baubles that mean little to others but a lot to us.A colleague, for instance, has a little blue glass dolphin that reminds her of a sun-drenched vacation on the Gree…To find the graves, beach your boat on the North side of the island and hike to the tallest point on the island.Visit “Broyles Party Island” which is located near Broyles Rec. It is a very popular Lake Hartwell spot to hang out by boat. Abernathy Park which has a few new free public city boat docks, a restroom, picnic area and playground.

It has the largest waterwheel in the state (20 ft.) and is the only waterwheel in SC still made of wood. Pontoon boat rentals, jet ski rentals, kayak rentals and canoe rentals are available on Lake Hartwell in Athens, Clemson, Hartwell, Lavonia, Mountain Rest, Seneca, Starr and Townville.Before going out on any lake, make sure to get a good laminated boat map.These vining plants are native to the Southeast and can be found growing…I’m making some changes around here, big changes, not just rearranging furniture. Williams Terrace marks an important architectural achievement for Charleston not only for its pleasing design but also because it helps tackle one of the city's biggest challenges: keeping longtime residents downtown.

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