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At the age of 20 I was employed as teacher in a small village.

The school was run as a so-called comprehensive school, i.e.

Following that I worked in teacher training as lecturer in Pedagogics, Psychology and Didactics, the last 20 years at a private teacher training college.

Here I was granted the freedom to conduct my lessons in the spirit of Pestalozzi and also to propose and to encourage reforms for the entire establishment, which would enable teaching and education in the spirit and style of Pestalozzi.

This has the added advantage that, in a 3-class group, traditions can grow and do not need to be rebuilt with every change of pupils, since only one third of the pupils are replaced each year. In those days in Switzerland the cantons (provinces of unequal size with historical background) acted independently on school issues, which is why each canton used its own teaching material in its schools.

This material was compiled in each case by experienced teachers.

The teaching of language was always one of my major concerns during the 43 years I was involved in teaching and I discovered that the application of Pestalozzis principles leads to success.

After what really were my apprenticeship and diploma years as teacher at a village school, I studied Pedagogics and Psychology at Zrich University and ended my studies with a doctoral thesis on changes in Pestalozzis thinking.

For this reason it might be useful for the reader to have some brief details about my life.And I experienced daily how pupils in a one-room school become extremely independent as they are not allowed to bother the teacher, who has his hands full anyway, with problems they can solve with help from a fellow-pupil.If I now had to make a decision on the organization in any school, I would intermix the pupils so that every teacher had to teach children of at least three different age-classes, that is 1 grade.I was assigned to draw up teaching material for Canton Aargau, to which my village belonged, on the correct learning of standard German (this was intended for 3 year pupils).Swiss children always have greater problems with this than German children, as the everyday language in our country is Swiss German, a language that differs so greatly from standard German that our German neighbours cannot usually understand us.

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Everyone, no matter where, when or how he lives, has his physical and spiritual needs, everyone possesses physical and intellectual power and talents, everyone has to grapple with his own egoism, everyone suffers from the limitations imposed by society until he has risen to morality and every individual achieves a truly fulfilled life only through this moral stability.

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