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"We knew that he was bored as the aquarium is closed for winter, and at two feet, seven inches Otto had discovered he was big enough to swing onto the edge of his tank and shoot out the 2000 Watt spot light above him with a carefully directed jet of water." Director Elfriede Kummer who witnessed the act said: "We've put the light a bit higher now so he shouldn't be able to reach it.

But Otto is constantly craving for attention and always comes up with new stunts so we have realised we will have to keep more careful eye on him - and also perhaps give him a few more toys to play with.

As a result, everyone involved is expected to handle rejection reasonably professionally.

'Basically I liked to dance and paint and that was about it. As far as serious discussions went, at that time, most of them were overtly pseudo-intellectual and boring', she has mused in the past.Early on she rejected the world around her and instead created her own, becoming rebellious after surviving a devastating case of polio when she was 10 years old.More health problems tragically followed the icon into her later years, experiencing brain trauma in 2015, post-polio symptoms and the incurable Morgellons syndrome.The country hit back in a long editorial titled "Right In Front Of Our Eyes".Much of the piece is focused on telling citizens to follow the leadership, and the title is a reference to a supposed quote from Kim Jong Un, who said that "Happiness is right in front of our eyes".

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And the country’s ruling regime has responded to the picture, hitting out at critics of the state.

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