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"it is not known whether these birds made much contribution to the modern domestic fowl.Chickens from the Harappan culture of the Indus Valley (2500–2100 BC) may have been the main source of diffusion throughout the world." "Within the Indus Valley, indications are that chickens were used for sport and not for food" (Zeuner 1963) At first cockfighting was partly a religious and partly a political institution at Athens; and was continued for improving the seeds of valor in the minds of their youth, but was afterwards perverted both there and in the other parts of Greece to a common pastime, without any political or religious intention.The comb and wattle are cut off in order to meet show standards of the American Gamefowl Society and to prevent freezing in colder climates (the standard emerged from the older practice of severing the comb, wattles, and earlobes of the bird in order to remove anatomical vulnerabilities, similar to the practice of docking a dog's tail and ears ).Cocks possess congenital aggression toward all males of the same species.In Tudor times, the Palace of Westminster had a permanent cockpit, called the Cockpit-in-Court.

Persons who are proved to be betting are severely punished by a temporary or permanent expulsion from the tournaments and a prohibition to participate in further matches.

There it is mostly fought naked heel and either three rounds of twenty minutes with a gap of again twenty minutes or four rounds of fifteen minutes each and a gap of fifteen minutes between them. It is a seasonal sport, held only during the coolest months of the year (November to April).

Cocks are not ready to fight and their plumage moults during the warmest months (May to October).

The combatants, referred to as gamecocks (not to be confused with game birds), are specially bred and conditioned for increased stamina and strength.

Male and female chickens of such a breed are referred to as game fowl.

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