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In September 1978, Bridgeport teachers went on a 19-day strike due to deadlocked contract negotiations.

A court order, as well as a state law that made strikes by public workers illegal in Connecticut, resulted in 274 teachers being arrested and jailed.

(It has since been blasted through for construction of an expressway.) The Golden Hill Indians were granted a reservation here by the Colony of Connecticut in 1639; it lasted until 1802.

(One of the tribe acquired land for a small reservation in the late 19th century that was recognized by the state.

Newfield initially expanded around the coasting trade with Boston, New York, and Baltimore and the international trade with the West Indies.

connecting Bridgeport to New York and the other towns along the north shore of the Long Island Sound.

Bridgeport was inhabited by the Paugussett Indian tribe at the time of its English colonization.

The English farming community became a center of trade, shipbuilding, and whaling.

The first documented English settlement within the present city limits of Bridgeport took place in 1644, centered at Black Rock Harbor and along North Avenue between Park and Briarwood avenues.Now a major junction for western Connecticut, the city rapidly industrialized.Following the Civil War, it held several iron foundries and factories manufacturing firearms, metallic cartridges, horse harnesses, locks, and blinds.The place was called Pequonnock (Quiripi for "Cleared Land"), after a band of the Paugussett, an Algonquian-speaking Native American people who occupied this area.One of their sacred sites was Golden Hill, which overlooked the harbor and was the location of natural springs and their planting fields.

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