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I see you still haven't learned to spell, or form a cohernt sentence yet. He also makes a lot of noise about how "God" has been removed from our schools and government. Oh, and by the way, how does he even know about all these nasty sites, telepathy, or heavy usage? You have niether the inclanation or the sexual drive to out breed the middle east.

Why don't you just crawl back into your mother's basement, and eat the rest of that 3 day old pizza? In hundreds of years, or maybe just decades, "he" will be moved into a Smithsonian Museum on Mars. : all i can say is that dude just threw a hell of a lot of votes out of the fucking window. nobody can trust a man in the whitehouse that despises pornography. : first stick a bayonet down his throat then a dick and make him swallow his own blood mixed with your cum and shit (assuming you shti yourself while having an orgasm and it slid down your dick into his mouth)Anonymous: yall laughing now. Your nations will decline and you will run out of fit young men to keep the middle east under control.

Return e-mail should be along the lines of "It has come to our attention that you have been using our material. They want a career and they are going right off the idea of children. True: islam is the most old fashioned religion of them all.

For continued support please deposit 00 is said bank account..."Anonymous: people are this stupid, I worked for a fortune 500 company and a bunch of managers came to me one day, they wanted a picture stolen from a WOW add shopped so the color schism matched their company logo for an ad, i said uhh i cant do that. Whereas in the middle east, women put up and shut up and make babies to be indoctrinated into the crazy teachings of islam. you havent evolved in the 1200 or so years youve been around. Sadly the west has no choice unless it starts fucken like rabbits and sending it's children to war.

Never use the word "pussy" as a term of cowardice, you'd only embarrass yourselves.

Et d'ailleurs, ils ont trouvé votre certificat de naissance... (strange kind of surname really, but it says in the filename, could be the company too)Voice Of Reason: Reason you always wake up is cause you fags dont know what REAL pussy is supposed to feel like...the same reason you always wake up when you 'die' in a dream...cause our brain doesnt know what happens next...truefax, look it up.maybe if you fucking losers actually go out and GET pussy instead of playing WOW and insulting each other on here you wouldnt have to dream on it: I love how some people making comments on how they are christians say fucktard and asshole in the same sentence. " Well, I'll tell you This one keeps her liver clean, And this one checks her pee. " Oh, That's just the TV This one checks her heart rate And this one checks her veins And this one dispenses gravy for her mashed potato brains. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING (for me) she was soo tight I felt I was in heaven. DON'T EVEN DOUBT ABOUT IT: Don't get all warm and fuzzy.probably because they otherwise would marry the goats Anonymous: Funny story. Anonymous: Unless you're getting paid by the word, there's really no reason to slip in tedious details of visual detail unless you're genuinely trying to set up some subtle metaphors.On one of my first patrols in Afghanistan we were searching some houses and I found some "papers" in a drawer. Or you could just have fucking OCD and feel the need to describe everything, I guess.This has been the downfall for the thousands of religions before, t.b.c.: this will for certain be the downfall for future religions untill science (and this is an inevitability) comes with the undenyable evidence that a 'god' does not exist.Science was once the cornerstone of islamic nations, is getting back at his position in it today, it is unthinkable that it is missable.

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Anonymous: "An interesting discussion is worth comment.

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