Boundaries in a christian dating relationship

For instance smoking may not subterfuge the work of an artist but it may spell death to the career of an athlete.We shift our discussion now to boundaries in the context of human relationships.Since we’re talking about dating relationships that might lead to marriage, we make our comments within that context.Lets discuss the values that this particular person has set up.We made the decision to focus on continually talking to one another and develop a level of intimacy that way, rather than spending our time being physically close when we were actually together.Our relationship became a long-distance one, which certainly helped with the maintaining of physical boundaries on a practical level.I was dressed as Audrey Hepburn and he was dressed as the Energizer bunny (when I say dressed, I mean he had two batteries taped to his back).

I met my husband Tim when I was 16 at a friend’s fancy dress party.

The concept of boundaries is closely related to the topic of self discipline.

Most successful people discipline themselves to do the things that yield success and also discipline themselves to NOT do things that might undermine their success.

So you’ve just met someone new, you get along great and you’re enjoying the rush of affection that comes with the honeymoon period.

Well, now is the perfect time to lay down some ground rules.

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[Curiously, actors, entertainers, and some athletes seem reasonably immune to the destructive effects of sexual impropriety to their careers . This dialog is actually part of an earlier edition of the book.

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