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In New York, I’d been feisty and outspoken, confident in my smarts and my Irish looks.

When I got to LA I realized right away that things were not going to go so well for me there.

Therefore, it is important to maximize your chances for success by avoiding girls where the risk of rejection is high.

And relationships also have economics- the more attractive the women is the more resources a guy needs to get the girl- a fancy car, nice house, good job, or at least that how it works in a guys head.

Escorts aren’t something I normally use because usually they’re expensive, you pay a premium for the convenience of a girl being delivered to your place, and are risking the pictures not matching her appearance.

Believe me, guys remember, and not many of us were the quarterback.

Men also have problems with self confidence and when presented with a choice between a cute girl that we have a chance with and a pretty girl that seems like a long shot, we are going to play it safe and go with cute.

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Hooking up with a girl deemed unattractive by your buddies is explained away by your drunkenness, and is vastly preferable to “not getting any.” This leads most guys to pursue whatever woman they feel is most likely to accept their advances.

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