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While the math behind the claim adds up, it's important to know that the reconstruction programs are not identical.The Marshall Plan spent no funds on military projects, while about 60 percent of Afghanistan aid was spent on security.In late November 2017, the President finally had 12 minister candidates introduced to parliament. Thomas Ruttig and ► Joel van Houdt, an independent Dutch photojournalist, who lived in Afghanistan for several years, has recently returned to Kabul to exhibit his photography on Afghan migration. Van Houdt chatted with AAN’s Jelena Bjelica ► Afghanistan’s budget for the next financial year, 1397/2018, is markedly different from previous ones.This is a budget written to ‘international standards’, giving more information, both on 2018 and earlier years, as well as future projections, with detail at the level of ministry, project and province.But, as we’ll explain, it falls short on two points. The Inspector General analysts wrote that in inflation-adjusted dollars, the United States had spent 3 billion on the Marshall Plan and 9 billion on Afghanistan.The primary source of the claim Wuerker pointed us to one of many for Congress. The investment of American dollars is a fair yardstick, but experts noted others.

Charles Maier, a Harvard historian, is a leading authority on post-World War II Europe.

Maier told us that making comparisons across a span of more than 50 years is "notoriously tricky." The circumstances on the ground in Europe in the later 1940s and Afghanistan today are fundamentally different, Maier said. GDP then and now During the years of the Marshall Plan, the was in the neighborhood of 0 billion (in dollars at that time).

"The European countries — outside Greece — were really functioning administrative systems," Maier said. So, with total spending of .3 billion on European reconstruction, the Marshall Plan represented about 4.3 percent of average GDP.

"Few of those societal infrastructures have been operative in Afghanistan. Maier then contrasted that with the Afghanistan spending between 20.

Also, when the aid was being provided, there was no fighting in the recipient countries, except for the civil war in Greece, 1946-49." Maier also emphasized that while the inflation-adjusted dollars might put the Afghanistan price tag above that of the Marshall Plan, when compared to the size of the American economy at the time, the Marshall Plan represented a much heftier commitment than U. During those years, the economy averaged about .3 trillion.

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In fact, the Inspector General’s report makes note of that distinction.

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