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The tides of this sea vary by only eight or twelve inches; it abounds in coral banks, and anchovy, sardine, and tunny fishing is remunerative along the coasts of Sicily and Sardinia.

(2) Ligurian Sea The Gulf of Genoa is the most inland and also the most northerly part of this open sea, which extends to the south as far as the Channels of Corsica and of Piombino, through which it communicates with the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The centre of European interests was carried towards the west: the Italian republics fell into decay, and sea power went to the countries on the Atlantic Ocean.

But the opening of the Suez Canal (1869) and the tunnelling of the Alps (Fréjus, 1871; St.

Another fact that gave to the configuration of Italy its present characteristic lines was the recession of the sea from that great gulf which became the fertile plain of the Po.

The branch that separates the Maltese Islands from Sicily is called the Malta Channel and has a minimum breadth of 51 miles.

In the former, at an average depth of 100 fathoms, there is a submarine bank that unites Africa and Sicily ; it has extensive shoals, known for their volcanic phenomena.

On account of its depth and of the absence of tributary rivers, it contains few fish.

(3) Sea of Sicily; Sea of Malta That branch of the Mediterranean that lies between Tunis and Sicily is called the Channel of Tunis or of Sicily, and has a minimum breadth of 90 miles.

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